Will Web Design Be Replaced By AI: A Quick Analysis

February 27, 2024, 2 min read

As we approach 2024, many professionals, even web designers, are wondering if AI will threaten their jobs. While it is natural to be concerned, more investigation shows a different point of view.

Advances of AI

Of course, AI shines in a variety of fields, including natural language processing, image recognition, and even creating generative experiences, among many others. This study digs deeper into the groundbreaking advances in AI in 2023.

As web designers, we are naturally concerned about the possible impact of these futuristic developments on our profession.

Web Design, An Art

Let’s take a deeper look at what web design involves. It is more than simply displaying buttons and information on a website. Well, it is, but not from a deeper level of understanding. Web designers create immersive experiences that communicate information while also triggering emotions and encouraging action. And doing so always involves some awareness of your audience’s emotions.

Psychology And Web design

We are able to state that designers understand their audiences’ psychologies, which may differ depending upon the audience or area of expertise.

The Psychology Behind Successful Web Design goes into much depth about this. It concludes that understanding human psychology is critical for the success of any design. Everything, including the colors, layout, and content, must consider human psychology.

Will Web Design Be replaced by AI

Who better to comprehend other people than humans? We can understand other humans to a degree that AI cannot, at least not right now or in the near future.

“How can [a machine] effectively communicate information if it doesn’t know your emotional state, if it doesn’t know how you’re feeling, it doesn’t know how you’re going to respond to specific content”

-Javier Hernández, research scientist with the Affective Computing Group at the MIT Media Lab

A lengthy study on AI and emotions concludes that we are still several years away from developing an Artificial General Intelligence capable of resembling any action we can perform, particularly the aspects that we consider most human, such as emotions.


It is safe to state that we designers, whether web designers, graphic designers, or artists are not threatened by AI for quite some time. However we can surely use AI tools to increase our productivity and service quality. Click here for a list of AI design tools to help you increase productivity in 2024.

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