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We Combine Creativity & Technicality To Take Care Of Your Business

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Working in different multi-national companies as software engineers for 8 to 10 years, we realized, we could compete global market, while sitting at home.

Jidat IT is your one-stop destination

Whether you're looking to create powerful software, stunning websites, Attractive Web designs or boost your online presence.

Through our unbeatable Development & digital marketing packages, we've got you covered!

10 Years of experience
50+ Happy Clients
200+ Projects Done
5+ Countries Reached

Simplify the way your Design, Development & advertisement gets done.

Talk to Customer

We initiate the process by engaging in a bespoke discussion about your project, ensuring tailor-made solutions for your needs.


We learn about your business values and ideals to bring about strategic web design and digital advertising plan that suits you best.

Research & Development

We design, build, and develop Websites & Applications as per your online presence needs. We deploy these elements to the world through our digital marketing services.


Voila! we are here to rescue you on time!