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The design & development of the Table Pro platform posed a distinctive challenge, demanding a precise equilibrium between restaurant management and user-friendly reservation processes. Our aim was to offer a seamless interface for users to effortlessly book tables and provide administrators with complete control over bookings, table assignments, employee shifts, and overall restaurant operations.


  1. Restaurant Listings
  2. User Registration and Communication
  3. Bookings
  4. Calendar
  5. Google Maps Integration
  6. Admin Dashboards









Our dedicated team achieved an outstanding feat, seamlessly crafting a comprehensive web application for Table Pro that excels in user-friendliness, security, and unwavering compliance with industry regulations. By leveraging the capabilities of ReactJS throughout the development process, we have created a web application that stands as a model of scalability and efficiency, perfectly aligned with Table Pro's mission to streamline restaurant management and reservation processes.

Home Page

The design journey for the Table Pro home page was marked by the pursuit of a perfect harmony between visual appeal and user-friendliness. Our team's commitment to creating personalized experiences led to the seamless integration of interactive features and proprietary algorithms in the page's design.

Through meticulous planning and careful execution, the home page's design captures attention with its aesthetics, while ensuring a user-centric experience. Our goal was to build a digital gateway that not only informs but empowers users in the world of restaurant management and reservations, and we're confident that our design brings this vision to life.

Restaurant Details Page

The restaurant details page layout provides comprehensive information about various dining options, menus, and more, all without unnecessary complexities. This straightforward design offers users an easy path to explore their restaurant of choice and make reservations, ensuring a seamless dining experience.

Bookings Page

The booking page layout offers the same comprehensive reservation information but without any unnecessary complexities, providing an easy and straightforward path for those looking to make restaurant reservations.

Admin Dashboards

The Table Pro admin dashboard enables restaurant managers to seamlessly handle custom bookings, assign tables, manage employee shifts, and allocate tables to waitstaff. This multifunctional tool enhances the management experience, ensuring a well-coordinated and efficient restaurant operation.

Final Results

Explore Table Pro effortlessly on your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet, with all features and functionalities tailored to your mobile experience.



Jidat IT did a fantastic job, and they have a very good team. Very responsive and friendly. The delivery was on schedule, and I'm really happy with it. Experience in the field helps to improve the quality of the product outcome.

Amnaz, Website Owner