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Green Energy


The design and development of the Ecocentury Energy website presented a unique challenge, requiring a delicate balance between promoting sustainable energy solutions and creating a user-friendly platform. Our primary goal was to offer a seamless interface for users to explore and adopt green energy solutions, while providing administrators with the necessary tools for complete control over website operations


  1. User Registration
  2. Chat
  3. Bookings
  4. Google Maps Integration
  5. Calendar
  6. User and Admin Dashboards









Our dedicated team has achieved an impressive milestone, skillfully crafting a comprehensive web platform for Ecocentury Energy. This platform excels in terms of user-friendliness, security, and unwavering adherence to industry regulations. By harnessing the capabilities of cutting-edge technologies during the development process, we've created a web application that stands as a beacon of scalability and efficiency.

Home Page

The design process for the Ecocentury Energy website was characterized by our unwavering pursuit of a harmonious blend between visual allure and user-friendliness. Our team's dedication to providing personalized experiences led to the seamless integration of interactive features and proprietary algorithms, resulting in a captivating design that prioritizes the user's journey.

Through meticulous planning and meticulous execution, the website's design combines aesthetics and functionality, creating a digital gateway that informs and empowers users in the realm of green energy solutions. We believe that our design embodies our mission to revolutionize the world's energy ecosystem, making sustainable and accessible energy solutions available to all.

Services Page

The services page layout offers comprehensive details about the array of sustainable energy solutions provided by Ecocentury Energy, all presented in a straightforward manner without unnecessary complexities. This user-friendly design streamlines the exploration of available services, allowing visitors to easily understand the eco-friendly options and access the information they need.

Environment Page

The environment page layout at Ecocentury Energy offers comprehensive information about our commitment to preserving and protecting the planet. Without any unnecessary complexities, this design provides a straightforward and accessible path for those seeking to understand our dedication to sustainability.

User Dashboards

The user dashboards on the Ecocentury Energy website are designed for seamless interaction and empowerment. Users can instantly communicate with our support team through the chat feature, which provides a personalized touch. Additionally, they can conveniently manage their affiliate program, track account statements, view their current balance, and withdraw funds as needed.

Final Results

Explore Ecocentury Energy effortlessly on your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet, with all features and functionalities tailored to your mobile experience.



Jidat IT is absolutely great, and they provide great work. I highly recommend them. My website couldn't be better. They are very attentive to details and very proactive. They are easy to talk to, always willing to make twists and changes until is perfect. I will absolutely be working with them again from now on.

Brian, Website Owner